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2015 Results

Championship Trial Team

Earning a big to the Empire New York World Championship



Li Po Chun United World College


6.5 Wins (CS: 21, OCS: 67.5, PD: 43)

Outstanding Trial Teams





St. Paul’s Convent School

Independent Schools Foundation 

Chinese International School

6 Wins (CS: 20, OCS: 72, PD: 44)

6 Wins (CS: 19.5, OCS: 74.5, PD: 27)

6 Wins (CS: 16.5, OCS: 71, PD: 73)


Honorable Mentions




Good Hope School

Belilios Public School

5 Wins (CS: 16, OCS: 63, PD: 40)

5  Wins (CS: 15, OCS: 67, PD: 40)


The Honorable Mr. Justice Harris Award

Awarded to the team that best exemplifies the ideals of civility, respect and justice. 

23 Points, 6th Rank - Chinese International School


Honorable Mentions

23 Points, 4th Rank - St. Stephen's College*

23 Points, 8th Rank - St. Paul's College


Tabulation Roon Notes:
Round 3 coin flip: Heads - Right Side is Defense

ARCH Tabulation Representative & Tabulation Director: Mido Aly & Samuel Power

* St. Stephen's College was disqualified after a failure to attend closing ceremonies.


1. Rankings are determined by number of overall ballots won (ties count as half a ballot won). The first tiebreaker is CS, followed by OCS, then PD.

2. CS = Combined Strength – the number of ballots won by opponents – a measure of strength of schedule.

3. OCS = Opponents’ Combined Strength – the number of ballots won by opponents’ opponents – another measure of strength of schedule.

4. PD = Point Differential – the total number of points earned minus the total number of points earned by opponents.

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