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ARCH Community Outreach provides free basic training for all schools participating in the Hong Kong Inter-school Mock Trial Championship.


These basic training sessions help students gain the fundamental skills required to perform the activity, and helps ensure a high level of competition at the tournament. Below are testimonials from students who participated in this year’s complimentary workshop sessions:

“Complicated legal terms were simplified to help us understand the terms.” ML, Diocesan Boys’ School


“Very informative and cleared up many questions that I had in general.” MH, St Stephen’s Girls’ College


“We found the workshop very nice. We did not have much exposure to Mock Trial before and the workshop gave us a good introduction to the concepts.” JT, HKU Academy of the Talented Team


“The workshop was very informative, and taught me a lot about the case itself.” CC, Good Hope School




Teams may also enroll in team training packages to get a deeper understanding of Mock Trial as an activity.


These team training session packages allow students to gain a more in-depth understanding of each portion of mock trial, including direct and cross examinations, the rules of evidence, and objection arguments.

“The team really found the training sessions a fun and valuable experience.” TC, Independent Schools Foundation Academy


We learned a lot from the training, especially about objections and the rules.” RK, St. Paul’s Convent School


“I found the part about cross examination interesting and settling objections and explaining them fun and entertaining.” VC, Good Hope School


“The team found the training very informative and enjoyed participating in the mini-trial.” JC, Li Po Chun United World College

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